Your Selection Style

“During the construction phase they paid close attention to every detail, and they made sure every facet of the workmanship was top quality.”
– Cary S. Tepper, Esquire

So Let’s Get Started.  Which selection style is right for you?

We have structured our business process so that you can have a custom home at an affordable price in as little as 6 months. We have created three different selection styles to fit your budget, your timeframe and your comfort level in making design decisions.

We have been working hard to re-invent the home buying process to make it more client-oriented and fun for you. We have many different floor plans, hundreds of standard products and many standard options to select, to make your home a truly custom home that reflects your lifestyle.  Using our ONLINE CUSTOMER ACCESS PORTAL prior to your selection meeting, you will have plenty of time to browse the hundreds of standard and non-standard options that are available to you.  When you come into our offices, you will have a good idea of the direction you want to go.


This process is the most affordable method of purchasing a new home. You have identified a floor plan from our FLOOR PLAN SEARCH collection that is the perfect plan for your family. You love the floor plan just the way it is and our standard choices give you enough flexibility to personalize the home to make it your dream home. This process fits the busy professional that does not want to spend hours making design decisions.  Because you are choosing to make all of your design decisions from our standard choices, we are able to pass great savings on to you.  This is a streamlined process where the client makes all of their finish selections in one meeting with the selections coordinator.   Prior to the selection meeting, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of standard selections using our ONLINE CUSTOMER ACCESS PORTAL so you have a good idea of the direction you are considering.

Hybrid Lifestyle

You have found a floor plan from our FLOOR PLAN SEARCH collection that is almost perfect but needs minor tweaks to meet your needs. Or perhaps after you have perused our standard selections and options from our ONLINE CUSTOMER ACCESS PORTAL, you would like to choose an option that is not part of our standard collection. Then this hybrid method is the one for you. It is still very affordable method of purchasing a new home but in order to meet your needs and make this home your dream home, we need to tweak it a bit.


After a thorough search of our FLOOR PLAN SEARCH collection, you may have found several floor plans with elements you love and would like to incorporate into your new home but you want to start from scratch on a new design. This is the most time intensive for the customer and the builder.  This is also the most expensive but it yields the most customizable selection and a design that fits you to a tee.  This selection process can take several weeks to several months to complete before we can begin construction.  After the scope of work is determined, a timeline is established which clearly outlines a realistic time table and a date you can insert the key into the door of your new home.  Pricing for this selection is dependent on the scope of work.