We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website!

In an increasingly virtual age, websites represent more than an information feed. They represent the public face of a company, as well as a forum for both interaction and communication with colleagues and customers alike. Throughout the process of developing our new website, it has been our aim to create something that embodies what we at Crescendo Builders stand for and to inform our audience about our process, our services and the unique qualities of our product.

Much deliberation has occurred as to not only how we do business, but WHY we do business. Our on-your-lot process has three different levels of customization to address different price points. The new FLOOR PLAN SEARCH tool will allow buyers to find their dream home for their lot.  In addition, we have added a MOVE-IN READY section to our website that lists our homes for sale.

Come and visit the site when you get the chance. You will feel the commitment, the passion and the dedication of the Crescendo family. We would appreciate your thoughts on how our efforts have resonated with you.

Please check back with us often as we will be continuing to update our FLOOR PLAN SEARCH and our MOVE-IN READY homes sections of our website as new product becomes available.

Thank you for your confidence in Crescendo Builders